WB3-U2 Writing Task 2

By Mehdi KaramiMehdi Karami, on 17 Jan 2015 22:00

Topic: Workbook, p. 17
Colour is powerful tool that is used to great effect by manufacturers and retail companies when they try to sell us something. In fact, many of the purchasing decisions we make are partly or largely influenced by colour.
How true is this statement? How much colour influence us when we buy something?

Nowadays by increasing the quality of lives and mixing art and technology together most of manufacturers and companies try to produce their stuffs in visionary shape and outstanding colors to catching their customers eyes and encourage them to buy their product.

Most of customers attracted to a product, first by its color and then pay attention to other good aspects of it, so Many producers try to create unique colors by mixing them in different spectrums. This subject spread in almost every connection that we could even choose the color of our pets in different options!.

But there is some exceptions in this statement, manufacturers mostly focus on the shape and color of decorating stuffs but some tools need good quality rather than good appearance , for example a good vacuum cleaner in the one which has a powerful suction rather than an incredible shape.

All an all personally I reckon that we must pay attention on the both appearance and quality in order to be satisfied by looking at brilliant color and working with highest quality.

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