SB2-U8 Writing Task 2

By Mehdi KaramiMehdi Karami, on 08 Nov 2014 22:08

[LOCKED] Nowadays, the number of organizations putting pressure on their staff to wear smart clothes at work are dramatically increased. There are found some principals believing it is essential for their organizations to have employees with attractive and smart appearance while others, value the quality of work much more. In this essay, we are going to scrutinize different aspects of the issue in details.

First of all, it is generally supposed in some occupations like business or banking, smart clothing could be considered as an effective advertisement leading to attract more and more customers. In fact, they tend to show their organization more prestigious by using smart and polite staff with good clothing as well as fantastic decoration. Furthermore, some one appreciating their clothes perfectly is generally thought to be more sensitive and responsible about clients' capital and order. Indeed, the worn clothes,could approximately prove their own personality in most cases.

The Second group is some kind of organizations which their shining future depends on their work quality and appearance dosen't have a key rule in their job , these groups mostly are teachers , doctors, etc.These jobs do not need the fashionable clothes, and no one cares about the appearance either.

Personally , I think having a good appearance increasing your self-confident and Individuals with high self-confidence can present high quality services to their customers , patients , etc. However, it is not reasonable to evaluate others just based on their clothes without regarding their functions.employees can change clothes in different occasions, they do not have to wear the same clothes in their whole working time.

In personal opinion, I think both of them, quality and appearance, are important and they should be combined with each other; however, each group has acceptable reasons for their opinion and they think that with their opinion
they could be more successful , and we can do nothing except respecting each group's believes.

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