SB3-U1 Writing Task 1

By Mehdi KaramiMehdi Karami, on 17 Dec 2014 15:51

[LOCKED] Student book, p. 17

The graph below gives information about the percentage of changes in the number of graduated international students from different Canadian provinces in 2001 and 2006 .

In 2001, 6.5% of students graduated from New Brunswick in comparison with 2.6% of graduated students from Ontario. On the other hand Alberta had the least graduated student in 2006 (4.1%).
In 2006 almost all of the provinces had more graduated students compared with 2001 except Alberta witch the number of graduated students decreased about 1 percent in 2006.

Among these provinces British Columbia had the most increase in the number of graduated students (about 6%) compared with Alberta witch had the least progress (about 1%) during this period.

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